SJP is a superb individual and you will a massive friend in order to brand new homosexual community
SJP is a superb individual and you will a massive friend in order to brand new homosexual community
SJP is a superb individual and you will a massive friend in order to brand new homosexual community

You'd believe the new gays may be the earliest men and women to decry female hatred

Performed she actually state some thing throughout the Willie Garson dying, otherwise did she stand there together hoof within her mouth area?

This bond was a beneficial travesty. As the a female, I've found it thread in person offensive and you may insulting. I detest to-break that it to help you y'all, however it is threads like this that can pursue away we upright ladies who was your own greatest partners. Why don't we the enjoy sweet. The brand new DL sandbox might be adequate for all of us, however, On condition that you show esteem for ladies.

And since you're trolling I will not claim that no one means "allies" that have a sex group whoever lifetime lies in transactional relationships and trying to get top of the hand over the fresh males that you experienced.

Your everyone is vile. Surely, you need to be ashamed away from yourselves. What you she do, she really does to you. Now return to their pathetic ho hum little life.

I would will see just what some people delusional "I am 83 but look 28" fags look like. Should be gruesome.

Which bond are good travesty. Due to the fact a woman, I've found which bond actually offending and you may insulting. I hate to-break that it to help you y'all, however it is posts in this way that pursue away we straight women who try your own most significant allies. Let us every gamble nice. The latest DL sandbox shall be large enough for all those, however, As long as your show value for ladies.

You'd believe this new gays certainly are the first visitors to decry women hatred

[quote] I hate to-break which so you're able to y'all, but it's threads such as this which can pursue away we straight ladies who is actually the greatest partners.

It is LESBIANS have been our most significant allies, not straight frau cunts as you exactly who pay just united states attract in the event your men/husbands wouldn't bang you more.

As to why, From the the time she gave me an experience back out-of Lincoln Cardio when my personal limo don't show up! I disliked in order to saddle her towards duty, but when We apologized she simply gave a sweet absolutely nothing snort.

Sarah is getting older, but that simply function this woman is a whole lot more the latest glue one to keeps the latest SITC brand along with her.

You'd thought this new gays will be basic men and women to decry female hatred

R297 is just one of the way more psychotics cunts/trolls who has been towards right here so long as You will find. Once the 2016. She's released these types of same terminology in most people years. We doubt she is an excellent "woman". The girl claims you to definitely straight cunts try all of our "most significant allies" 's the biggest joke while the gay people possess 100% zero fool around with to own straight cunts.

Sarah has been an enormous friend to the gay area, assuming this is the way your beat their allies, We shudder to think the way you beat those people who are up against brand new gay lifestyle. New misogyny coursing through this thread is actually vile, and that i consult that it avoid. I won't stand for it.

R318 Certainly thinks their are comedy. She's perhaps one of the most vile trolls to the right here, having cunted the latest datalounge to possess far too long.

R318 I might avoid him or her easily cud, but this is certainly a little while far. It does only encourage on the haters.

You might consider the latest gays will be earliest individuals to decry lady hatred

These comments consult with brand new misogyny one to way too many gay guys unfortuitously seem to has. It is all severely tragic, as misogyny and homophobia are two sides of the identical coin, to own apparent reasons. I hate to help you acknowledge you to both I concern my tolerance for your gays.

Oh, search! New hilarious troll's back on R329! Continuously the same kind of fun! Enhance dusty plump and you may ragged cooter, honey! We love your own feeling of trembling disgust, whether or not it is far from quite plausible any further!

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