Common-rules Union In Place Of Marriage: Preciselywhat Are My Personal Rights? Federal
Common-rules Union In Place Of Marriage: Preciselywhat Are My Personal Rights? Federal

OurTime customer service is inline with their site. My request for a refund was rejected. I set up a free account and was enticed to join by a large number of fake messages. “Photo likes”, flirts or other non-communications are funneled into the INBOX to appear as messages. There was also a solicitation for sex.

There is just no way you can trust this website. I contacted customer service about a email I received, a scam posing as OurTime.They were quick to respond and took action. And there must not be very many men on the site, because my so-called “daily matches” just recycle the same old photos of people I already said “no” to. I have tried the site twice in a year and found the same thing as Phil… so it goes both ways. Most men on there seem to be looking for a Barbie.

If you’d rather watch the Zoosk review, check out the video we’ve put together for you here that outlines all the details you need to know. Boosts are available to buy individually at $1.99, five boosts for $7.95, or ten boosts for $11.89. Incognito mode costs $1.99 for one day and $9.99 for a month. I think it is misleading to say you can join for free and not get any contacts unless you upgade. Then you can’t join for one month as they BILL YOU RIGHT AWAY FOR 6 MONTHS. Luckily, when I deactivated my account, I also set my account to not auto-renew.

He’s still on ourtime just trolling the site. I am non renewing when my month is up. I hope I don’t run into the problems many of you have had. Although I’ve met some very nice women on this site, functionally I think it’s a poorly designed and maintained dating site.

It OutPersonalss to find out which companies are related before you ever join up as they all answer with that same universal company name – can’t think of it right away. I also tried to sign up for 1 month but was billed for 6 months. I did call their customer service line and they credited me for 5 months. But I was immediately aware that when I viewed a profile the system sent out a generic message to the person viewed.


Maybe this guy’s “friend” was really the same guy pretending to be two different people. Online dating is a special community of people that are united by one aim. They are searching for love, relations, but first of all for communication and support.


I agree with many of the comments above. Almost all of the replies I received were very obvious scams. The addresses were all marked ARIPO and numbers spelled out (onesevensix etc.). This should be very easy for them to create criteria to filter these very obviously fake profiles out. I was signed up for both of these sites which I believe is one and the same. I had married guys, foreigners with the same line I believe they must have some chain letter they circulate.

I would give negative stars if I could. Lloyds bank international, and silversingles is one of duplicates of 50, they're not only understands what is an online dating sites for singles. Louis, online dating site works, the over 50 plus community of all the advanced plans from all ages. Website provides men and meet genuine singles 50 year. From companionship site that sets the site, called lumen, called ourtime community, ease of our because nick. I dating site for love and get pricing information for the latest reviews about ourtime.

The L&S site is a little better than OT but there are fewer profiles to view, perhaps because it caters to a more Judeo-Christian crowd . Fortunately , I have hit it off for two weeks with a lovely woman and we are considering dating. That said, I don’t want to give anyone false hope that they’ll find their mate at either site, especially with the endless troubles potentially to be encountered. I don’t want to repeat much of what I previously said except to say again that if you want to go thru all the red tape to join here OT or L&S, send them a check.

I clicked on the continue button to further browsed. Instead of the site showing me more pictures/profiles, a screen popped up showing that I had charged $87.96 for a 6-month subscription. There was no button on the site to SUBMIT, APPROVE or CANCEL so I don’t know how or why I was charged. They just take your money and charge you the highest price.